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[Alert] Issue with Microsoft MFA Services impacting CoreView Users
Posted by Len Smith on 19 November 2018 03:09 PM

We're investigating reports that users are unable to sign in to Microsoft 365 services using Multi-Factor Authentication. Admins, please see the alert titled "MO165531 - False positive - Office 365 Portal" on the Service Health Dashboard for more information.  The workaround for the time being is to disable MFA for any impacted users.

  • Update as of 08:00 AM (11/20) EST - Microsoft says this is resolved, but we have had a report of at least one user still being impacted.
  • Update as of 04:00 PM (11/19) EST - It appears that the issue has been resolved (
  • Update as of 12:00 PM (11/19) EST - Issue is still ongoing with no ETA from Microsoft