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Release Notes for CoreView Version 6.2
Posted by Len Smith, Last modified by Len Smith on 15 November 2018 05:34 PM

CoreView Version V6.2 (20181102) was released on Friday, November 2, 2018.  Below is a summary of the changes.  This release resolves a few outstanding issues and customer feature requests 

Major Updates and Enhancements

  • New User Interface (Enhancement) –  We have moved to a new UI design that is more modern, clean and aligns with other Microsoft Product, keeping Operators in a more familiar UI.  Note:  some Management Actions have been moved from a Modal window to a pane opening on the right side of the screen, following Microsoft’s UI/UX design standards.
  • CoreView Hybrid Agent (Enhancement) –  Our Hybrid feature will commence a beta cycle at the end of November for beta participants.  Hybrid allow a customer to manage cloud-only and on-premises accounts all from a single pane of glass.  It’s…awesome!  Note: At this time, enrollment in the hybrid beta program has closed.  
  • Additional Custom Pivot Capabilities (Enhancement) –  Operators can now perform advanced operations, like Sum, Avg, Max, Min, StdDev and so on. We have also added Custom Pivot to the following reports, along with some examples of use: 
    • Audit Reports:
      • What are the most used file extensions on SharePoint
      • Who are the top users on SharePoint?
    • Mailbox Security:
      • Who can access most mailboxes in the tenant and what are their permissions?
      • What are the most accessible mailboxes in the?
    • Sign-ins:
      • What are the common locations used by my user to access the tenant?
      • We use this ourselves to help manage CoreView security.
      • What are the most attacked accounts grouped by incoming country?

Minor Updates

  • Faster reporting for large tenants – Altered our indexing strategies to speed up reports as much as possible.
  • Consumption Dashboard performance enhanced – We moved to Elastic Search, leading to a 50X increase of performance for large tenants.
  • Audit Export Limit Increased – We have raised this to 10K.
  • Mobile Devices Report Description Updated – This now reflect current logic used to retrieve full stats vs. partial.

Bug Squashed in this Release

  • Services listed under each SKU may be inconsistent with the Services shown on the User Card
  • Malware details report was not consistent with Microsoft.
  • ForwardingTo is not considered external if Recipient is a MailContact
  • In Security Group Detail page, Management Actions are not visible
  • Duplicate licenses might be displayed on the User Card
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