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Release Notes for CoreView Version 7.2
Posted by Len Smith, Last modified by Lilia Stoyan on 20 December 2018 01:02 PM

CoreView Version V7.2 (20181211) was released on Tuesday, December 11, 2018.  Below is a summary of the changes.   

Updates and Enhancements  

  • Visual License Optimization Report (New) 
    • One of our most significant steps in providing customers with actionable information on what licenses are in use by your customers.
    • License utilization is presented as a histogram that groups users by license utilization by descending order of utilization.
    • You have the ability to drill into each license utilization set so see the users associated with that set.
    • Allows your License Manager to quickly and visually see where you have opportunities for improvement.
  • Configuration Wizard (New)
    • This offers an additional method to support the configuration of a CoreView Tenant and is aimed more at new customers.
    • Provides a step by step walk-through of each of the areas needing configuration.
    • Is available off the Management Menu
  • Improvements to the timing of Partial Imports for Groups (Enhancement)
    • Now all changes to groups and membership are retrieved during Partial Import run.
    • Partial Import now runs every three (3) minutes.   
    • Updated Knowledgebase Article on CoreView data imports can be found here
  • Audit Optimizations (Enhancements)
    • Analysis even faster thanks to optimization on Elastic index sorting developed in collaboration with Elastic team
    • Default time range for Audit General is now last Day that is from the midnight of yesterday to now (UTC)
    • External Access for OneDrive and SharePoint now uses an IsExternal filter leaving to user the possibility of additional search by UPN. This solves the issue with internal users containing EXT considered external by previous version 
  • Views in all reports to create custom reports
    • All reports now contain a View dropdown that shows all Saved Reports for the current report. This is extremely useful to create custom and advanced views and have them available on the fly. This is available in nearly all reports. This feature will be extended to cover all reports in the following months.


  • Manager field can now be edited in users even in bulk
  • User Card now contains LicensePool of the user
  • Recreate Admins readonly removed from Manage Permissions and now visible to all Tenant Admins only
  • Pivot table added to Malware Details 
  • Manage templates optimization, added Select/Deselect to all SKU selections
  • Performance Tuning on license management actions and Management in general we have optimized license management actions up to 350% in this release and we are working on an additional improvement that will double this to 700%. This has been achieved through usage of Azure AD optimized calls. This will be enabled to a limited set of beta customers in this release.
  • OU Selector as tree in Management and Reporting
  • EmailAddresses management improved to support multiple prefix like SMTP,SIP,X.500 etc and also the ability to define the primary one for each prefix defined.
  • Faster Audit and default page landing time reduced with Index Sorting and "Last Day" filter
 Bugs Squashed
  • Client Management throws an error during closing flow
  • Federated Tenant cannot disable management after Manage Password action
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